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You will need a Conversa I-20 form to apply for a student visa. Please provide the following:

Getting a student visa for the United States can be difficult. When you apply for your student visa, you must convince them that you will return to your country after you finish studying. If they think you will remain illegally, they will deny you the visa even though you have an I-20 from us. Bring evidence that you have reason to return, such as having a family, a good job, studies to complete at a university in your country, or a house or property there. Bring with that evidence all the financial documents showing you can pay for your classes here. If you have been to the US or Europe and returned, bring evidence of that also.

Also, please go to this website for information from the US Government about student visas:

If these copies are legible you may send them by email or by fax to 1-513-665-3792

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